Getting My Groove Back!

It has been 7 weeks since I completed week 4 of P90x. (I know, I know bad JJ) Which of course took me two weeks to finish. (My baby girl graduated Kindergarten and we took a mini vacation to go visit family in Memphis TN.) Week 4 was chock full of fun stuff like Cardio X and Core Synergistics followed by some fun Yoga and more Cardio X. (translation a lot of jumping around and core work!)

Then I started week 5 of P90x. I  got thru the first 3 days of the 5th week (Chest/Shoulder/Triceps, Plyometerics, & Back and Biceps) before life kicked in again and sidetracked me.  I have yet to finish week 5 but I am going to start (month 2) all over again from the beginning next week! (I swear on my momma’s good name that I am going to get it done!)

I have not been sitting around eating myself out of house and home. (I sit around at my momma’s house and do that….just kidding!)  Last week I went to the gym with my mom and I hit up the elliptical machines 4 out of 5 days.  I ran an average of 2.5 to 3 miles for about 45 minutes a day and I burned a lot of calories. Which I counteracted with eating. (I am still working on controlling my portions and what I actually put in my mouth).  It has been a constant battle between me and the food, but I am going to win.  I have been eating less garbage and more green stuff. Vegetables and what not…Lots of spinach salads, green beans and broccoli. (side note I only eat the green ones, the rest of them just don’t taste right to me)  and less Portillo’s Chocolate Cake (Oh how I love thee, let me count they ways!)  I have also been spending a lot of time outside with my own two short people and their cousins which leaves me totally exhausted by the end of the day with no desire to workout(unless you consider yelling and fussing part of a workout)  I am trying to change that by getting back into working out when I get up in the morning, but it is proofing to be difficult!

I was determined to get back into the swing of things TODAY, but I am sporting a headache so I decided to take it easy and do some Pilates Butt.  Today I learned how to achieve my dream silhouette while improving my balance and posture. I let Tonya Nettles guide me in this half hour workout routine that targeted my bootay and hamstrings! (description was paraphrased from FIT TV) It was not that hard of a workout. Just a lot of stretching and leg movements which is just what I needed today.  It was made a little harder by my son who kept making circles around me yelling, “Ma, I cold….ma I need your help…ma I hungry.”   But it was a start in the right direction.   Tomorrow will definitely be better!

Now I am off to my own mom’s house to corral the troops and find something fun to do today!

The Troops!

Wish me luck!


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