20 Minute Workouts I Have Tried

and then have tossed to the side……. (y’all like how I made that rhyme?)  I picked workouts that focused on the area of my body that I have the most issues with (midsection how I dislike thee, let me count the ways) and tone up my assets in the process.

Bollywood Booty 2 w/ Hemalayaa

I joined Hemalayaa as she led a booty shaping workout to some infectious Bollywood beats! It was fun and everything but they kept breaking for commercials (really people commercials?) and to sell her DVD, so I kinda lost my stride and had to keep going back to find it over and over again.  (This is not something I will be trying again)

Pilates Hip Burner w/ Michele Rogers

We started with the Pilates 100. (These are crunches people and these suckers hurt!  I  was not ready!)  This was 15 minutes workout for people already familiar with the basic Pilates moves (it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am not familiar with any of this!) and want an added challenge for  your abs and hips (I should not have taken the challenge people…. I should have walked away). This workout has not been taken off the list completely but it is at the bottom of my try again list! (I felt those crunches for a WEEK after this workout!)

Hip Shakers with Veena Bidasha

This was a belly dance workout for beginners.  Otherwise known as Belly Dancing for Dummies (mainly me). It included muscle isolations exercises to tone the hips, buns and thighs.   They should have another level before beginners though, because belly dancing is for the highly skilled people with rhythm. (Not regular rhythm, a different kind that I apparently do not have!) Another workout that I am WILLING to try again, and quite possibly soon.

So people I have been working out…. not consistently and never the same thing twice, but I am trying.

Tomorrow, I try again.

It’s all about not giving up right?

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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