Ballet Body & The Supreme Combo Workout

Ballet Workout 1

Today’s workout was brought to us by Jennifer Galardi and SportsKool. Ballet Workout 1 is a strength and stretch workout all in on featuring ballet and core strengthening.

First and foremost any workout that starts with a statement saying that they are not liable for any injury caused during the viewing of this program is a clear and concise warning so you should take heed people!  Listen to what they are saying and do something different.   Or  you can be like me and forge ahead, ignoring the warning, act like you are superwoman and end up regretting your choices, again!   Second, I know that it has been YEARS quite possible DECADES since I did any type of ballet, but this right here is something completely different I have never seen before!

I have never done ballet like this before. I thought ballet was all about slow and controlled movements. Apparently not anymore! There was a lot of fast moves, and piles (also known as squats people, don’t let em fool you!) A bunch of quick movements and stretching all rolled into a 15 minute workout!

Ballet Floor Bar

Taking your workout to the floor to work your muscles from a different position. Also known as new ways to torture your body disguised as exercise.  This 13 minute workout per Jennifer, was taking ballet moves you would normally do on the ballet bar and doing them on the floor.  This included but was not limited to her version of crunches and moves for your hips and legs.

Again these are not moves I did when I was in ballet and if this is what they actually do now, then I got out at a good time (ballet drop out at 9) cause I would have had to hurt somebody.

The Supreme Combo

Robert Jones led me through almost half of the Supreme Combo workout before I called it quits and stomped away!  Yes, I can admit that I got mad (and winded, and dizzy beyond belief) and stomped away from this workout!  This is a 37 minute full body workout.  They asked if I was finally ready for a complete body shape up. ( I said yes, but my body said NO!) A total body sculpting workout while boosting my cardio filled with intense combos and recovery cool downs that would be sure to push my limits! (Word to Big Bird, cause I went beyond my limits and bout passed out!)

I do believe that this workout was designed for people who were trying to make a basketball team.  The part I did was full of jumping jack and squat combos, burpees and bicycle combos and recovery time filled with upper body and lower body combos. (Excuse me but I can’t recover if I am still working out!) That ish was crazy! When Robert (yes I can call you by your first name when you are trying to kill me!) went in for the second round of burpee combo’s I dropped my weight and stomped away! (Sigh)

I knew the whole workout was going down hill when I started paying more attention to the cobwebs I wanted to get rid of, then the man on the tv screen leading the workout!  I am disappointed that I was not able to make it all the way through, but Robert I am coming back and even if I end up flat on my back seeing stars and begging for mercy I am going to make it all that way to the end of the Supreme Combo Workout!


(All these workouts were completed and/or attempted last week!)

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