Accidents Happen, I Just Wish They Would Stop Happening To Me!

So anyone who knows me knows that I am clumsy to a fault.  I am that girl who trips walking up the driveway, that slams her fingers in the doors, that gets hit in the leg by the car door.  You name it and it has probably happened to me, at least twice!  There is not a door, floor, wall or corner that I have not met, and that has not left a bruise on me!  If there is a shoe on the floor, guaranteed I am going to trip over it.  If there is a wall, a corner or a table anywhere in the room, HELLO my arm, leg and quite possibly my face are going to run into it.  It is ridiculous people, and I mean to ridiculous to even count the number of times I have injured myself doing normal everyday things like walking through my house!  I don’t wear  heels if I don’t have to, I’d  like to say it is because I am really tall (which I am), and I don’t need them, but truth be told it is because I know that I won’t make it three steps without tripping and hurting myself.  I am truly amazed that I have not broken any bones so far! (Knock on wood, fingers crossed, Jesus be fence!)

But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the last two weeks!  It has been series of accidents happening, one after the other and there seems to be no end in sight!  I have bruises on my arms (thanks corners on the walls for not moving out of my way!).  I have busted my head trying to get out of my car! ( yep you read that right), and I busted my head on the inside of the trunk trying to get groceries out of the car.  I have cut my knee open sitting at a metal table at work!  Seriously, all I did was move my leg to get up and next thing I know my knee is bleeding!  I was putting laundry away and I tripped, yes tripped out of my flip-flop SIDEWAYS and almost knocked myself unconscious and I twisted my ankle!  Who does that you say? THIS GIRL!

I know you are thinking it can’t get much worse than this, but wait for it, there is more!

I was helping my mother cook for my son’s birthday party and burned the tip of my finger trying to cook Mexican egg-rolls, at that same party I sliced my finger open trying to cut vegetables for a salad! (Just two more reasons to add to a very long list of why I think cooking is detrimental to my personal well-being!), and as  I was moving a stool from one end of the counter to the other (at the same said party!)  I stubbed my toe on the big in plain sight cooler (meaning everyone saw it but me!) bruising that baby toe up something serious!

My biggest injury thus far was when a miniature person (a preschooler) at the school I work at, stopped on the track in front of me when we were racing and sent me skidding across the track. People, I left pieces of me on the track that day, (skin, pride etc.) and walked with a limp for a couple of days.  The kicker though was when the little stinker told me if I had not tried to jump over him I would not have gotten hurt in the first place!  Yes little preschooler  this is exactly what I wanted, to slide across a track and spend the next two weeks with a LIFE SIZE bruise on my arm!

I just keep getting up day after day hoping to make it through the day injury free…..that has not happened yet people, so keep in me at the top of your prayer list!

So again I say…… I know accidents happen……but can they happen to me a little less?

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