Wasted Time with a Side of Paranoria!

This post is dedicated to the delightful people who work for the Secretary of State down in Springfield, Illinois, and those lovely people who made the Final Destination movies! Without you none of this would be possible.

Not to long ago I got a letter in the mail, stating my plates would be suspended for not having any insurance on my car (false by the way, cause I am a law-abiding citizen AHEM!), and that if I did not send in, or show proof of insurance by the 17th of May, not only would my plates be suspended, but I would also have to pay a lovely reinstatement fee of a $100. (How nice of you State of Illinois, always finding new ways to take money out of my pocket!)

So I called the Secretary of State’s office down in Springfield and I spoke with the most delightful woman on the phone (complete sarcasm people!) who said if I had responded to the first notice I would have had plenty of time to get my situation taken care of.  To which I responded in the nicest manner possible, that there was no situation, that I never received a notice because if I had I would have told the friendly people down in Springfield that I had insurance on my car, so there was no need to get all suspension happy and suspend the plates on my car.  Yeah, she didn’t take to kindly to that at all!  In fact, she caught an even bigger attitude with me, needless to say things went downhill from there.  Every time I tried to speak she would cut me off, rudely telling me what I needed to do and how I needed to do it.  (HEY LADY YOU WERE EXTRA RUDE, I’M JUST SAYING)  I so stopped listening after she gave me an address for a location in and my area.

So to make a long story short, yesterday I had the pleasure of filling my tank up at $4.21 a gallon (I swear I die a little every time I have to pump gas!)  drive all the way to Lombard, with a very active, very hungry, very annoyed four-year old, to sit and wait for 20 minutes only to have the lady who was taking her break at the counter where she was supposed to be helping people, tell me that I was on the wrong side of the building.  SO I walked to the other side of the building where I waited in another line to for 20 minutes only for the lady to look at my stuff for 2 seconds and say and I quote ” Your fine, it was nothing you did, the state randomly picks plates in the system and sends out this letter to protect people with insurance.”   Ummm what the what! How does the threat of suspension and random fees I can’t afford help me!  (SO ANNOYED PEOPLE, SO ANNOYED) Such a waste of my time!

ANYWAY, on the way home from the Secretary of State’s office in Lombard, I got behind one of those tanker trucks filled with gas, then a huge flatbed truck that carries large amounts of dangerous items on it pulls up on the other side of me.  (This is where the paranoia kicks in)  Apparently, I have seen one to many Final Destination Movies, cause all I could think about at that moment was that tanker truck flipping onto its side cause it was trying to avoid a car that stopped suddenly, and bursting into flames while the huge truck on the side of me gets in front of me and starts to skid on the gas that was spilled from the tanker, flinging its huge death barrels at my car, and just as I was about to get hit by one, I blink and flash back to the present, prompting me to get off the highway and avoid imminent death, only to be chased by death until he finally caught up with me and……well you get the point!  Needless to say I got from behind both of those vehicles with a quickness cause yeah, I got issues people! SERIOUS ISSUES! (don’t judge me!)

So there you have it people, two wasted hours of my life that I will NEVER get back, along with a healthy dose of my paranoia just for kicks!

Your Welcome!

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