20 Random Facts About Me

1. I love chocolate, a lot! I mean I eat chocolate almost EVERYDAY!

2. I have tried every random diet known to man, and I probably will try some more!

3. I watch scary movies during the day time, with the lights on, with gospel music playing in the background!

4. I procrastinate on purpose because I believe I work better under pressure.

5. It’s not easy for me to make new friends.

6. Flying terrifies me!

7. My dad drove me to college in Virginia every year for four years! (See number 6)

8. I am paranoid beyond belief that I am going to have a final destination type accident on the highway.

9. I refuse to swim in the deep end of the pool.

10. My favorite color is red.

11. I am addicted to Chap stick/lip-gloss, purses and shoes. (In that order)

12. I met my husband the summer before my junior year of college.

13. I have only dated one other person besides my husband.

14. I was one of two black girls in my high school.

15. I have 11 nieces and nephews.

16. I am ADDICTED to ratchet reality TV.

17. End of Time by Beyoncé is currently my favorite song.

18. I don’t let my kids win on the dance games for the Kinect.

19. My mom thinks I am HILARIOUS! ( I think she may be the only one)

20. Cleaning my house soothes me immensely!

This post was inspired by the super awesome Jen at http://www.babymakingmachine.com/.

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One thought on “20 Random Facts About Me

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