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S’more Milkshakes (Grown Ups Only)

Now I know I am supposed to be losing weight and what not, but somethings are just too good to pass up.

So because I am a sucker for ALL things chocolate , I am sooooo going to try this, as soon as possible!

They are super easy and you’ll only need a few ingredients:

1. Chocolate Ice Cream

2. Godiva Liqueur

3. Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka (yes, there is such a thing.)

S’mores Milkshakes {for grown-ups only} serves 2
3 cups chocolate ice cream

2 ounces Godiva chocolate liqueur

2 ounces Fluffed Marshmallow vodka

crushed graham crackers mini Hershey bars

Chill one large, or 2 small glasses in the freezer.

Combine the ice cream, liqueur and vodka in a blender.

Pulse until blended, pushing the ice cream down as needed.

Pour into the chilled glasses (if using a large glass, use 2 straws for sharing).

Top with crushed graham crackers and a Hershey bar.





Note: I got this recipe of the She has some wonderfully delicious looking things up on her blog that I will probably never make, but it is nice to dream!


Cooking is for the birds!

I hate cooking! I hate the preparation that goes into it, and lawd knows I hate cleaning up when I am done.  I am the joke in my family when it comes to cooking but I don’t mind at all. When we have cook outs or family gatherings I am the one that brings the plates & forks and I make the punch! Can’t nobody make punch like JJ!

Now I can make the basics, hamburgers, french fries, chicken, and I am the taco queen! I can make some mean eggs and sausages, and can heat up a can of soup like nobody’s business! And tea…let me tell you my kids LOVE my tea!

I have been told many a times that I need to learn how to cook like my mama. Have you met my mama? She is a cooking diva, can make a meal out of two saltines and some rice and have you thinking it is steak and potatoes. She likes to cook, no wait that is a lie, she LOVES to cook. That is so not me. I cook so that I might live not the other way around.

I have tried to come out of my cooking comfort zone, and all attempts have been a fail!  I will try to switch it up every once in a while, and add some ground beef to some pasta and sauce and my kids think I am chef boy r dee!

For now, I will stick to what I know…everything else I will leave to my mama, cause to me……

Cooking is for the birds!

♥ Jacqs

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