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She Rocks!

Growing up no matter how hard my mama tried I was not very confident.  I stood out, not because I was sure of myself, but because I was tall, awkward and gangly (or so I thought).  I played the flute in middle school and high school, and I was actually first chair, but if you asked me to play by myself in front of a bunch of  people, (at church, during competitions) I could pretty much guarantee that I would be begging my mama not to make me do it, and when that did not work, I would be the one up there on stage bawling my eyes out while trying to play His Eye Is On the Sparrow on the flute.  No matter how well I did, no matter how many times I did it, it never got any easier for me.

As I got older I gained more confidence, I was the co-captain, then captain of my Pom Squad in high school (shout out to Aurora Christian High School), and in college I was actually a campus tour guide for prospective students at Hampton University. (Rock the Blue & White!)  But while I became more confident in myself and who I could be, I have never been (and probably never will be) completely comfortable in front of crowds. Speaking engagements? I would be sweating my way through them! Speeches for speech class were always rushed, presentations at work, I could not even look the people in the eye!  I just could never get comfortable with all those people looking at me (no matter how cute I happened to be at the moment!) One on one I am personable and charming, standing along in front of an audience, no bueno at all!


Now my baby GurlSHE ROCKS!  She has always been confident in who she was!  She goes for what she wants and keeps going after it until she gets it!  No is not an option for that little girl!  Around Christmas time she tried out for a solo at her school.  She didn’t get it.  It broke her little heart.  There were tears and irate grandparents (ahem), and as her mama I wanted to protect here and give her music teacher a piece of my mind! (Something along the lines of how dare you not see how great my baby is, and you better go back and get your life and give my baby a solo! And so on and so forth). But as a girl who never really learned how do deal with disappointment the correct way, I put my feelings aside and explained to her that she would not get every part she tried out for and that people weren’t always going to see her the way that I did, but if this was something she really wanted she would have to keep trying!


Now if that had been me, chile please you would have never heard me speak of trying out for a solo again!  It would have been dead in the water, along with some tears and an emotional journal entry (yes I was and still am very dramatic)!  But thank God for God that my JadaBear is not me!  When it was time to try out for her Spring Concert, she wrote her own letter, got up there and auditioned again, and guess what! MY BEAR GOT A PART IN A TRIO!!  Trust me when I say I almost did back flips up in the parking lot when she told me!  I have never been prouder!  She has been practicing EVERY SINGLE DAY since then, and listening to her practice and sing her heart out does my mama heart proud!


This little girl right here is everything I ever wanted to be, and yet she is so much more!  Speeches, no problem,  singing in the choir, she’s got it, recitals for her dance company?  She is right there in her sparkly pink outfit and bun shaking her groove thang!!  There is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING this chick can’t do, because I tell her everyday that nothing is out of her reach!  That no matter what obstacle comes her way she can handle it, that she is beautiful, smart and talented (all the things my mama told me but I refused to believe) and that oh yeah, SHE ROCKS!!


The TF Word

This conversation is from dinner last night:

Jason: Momma Jada said a bad word!

Jada: No I didn’t Jason you need to learn to tell the truth!

Jason: Yes you did Jada you said the bad word!

Me: What word did she say Jason?

Jason: The TF word.

Me: Jada why did you say…. Wait…..what? What is the TF word?

Jada: I did not say that word!

Me: Wait! Stop talking Jada! What is the TF word!

Jason: You know the word that Jada said that is the TF word and it is a bad word and she said that to me!

Jada: Jason I did not say that word!

(They are now yelling at each other)

Me: Jason there is no such thing as the TF word and Jada did not say a bad word!

Jason: Mommy yes she did, and I told her to stop and she said that word to me AGAIN!

Me: Okay, both of you stop! Eat your dinner and STOP talking!

Jada: But momma Jason said the D word!

(Now I know a couple of words that start with D and my son has been known to throw out a bad word so I made the mistake of asking….)

Me: Jada what is the D word!

Jada: I don’t want to say it because it is bad, and I don’t want to get in trouble!

Me: If I ask you to tell me something than you are not going to get in trouble….. what is the D word!

Jada: Well….

Jason: I did say that word! But Jada is being a tattletale and that’s wrong!

Me: Jason be quiet….

Jason: I don’t want to get in trouble!

Jada: He said DUH!


Jada: Duh is the D word and he….

Me: Please stop talking right now! Duh is not a bad word, TF is not even a word! Both of you stop talking RIGHT NOW! You both are driving me crazy!

(not even 30 seconds go by)

Jason: Jada being a tattletale is wrong even if I say a bad word!

(I can’t make this stuff up people….it would be too hard!)



6 AM

Mookie: Morning mama, I slept in my own bed.

Me: Good for you baby, go lay down it’s not time to get up yet.

Mookie: Aww man, I not sleepy, it’s 6 o clock in the morning it’s time to get up! (mind you he cannot tell time!)

Me: Get out of my room and go lay down….

Loud stomping…….

Mookie: Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly!

Jada: Get out of my room Jason!

Mookie: Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! (now he is singing louder and faster!)

Jada: Jason you are being annoying and driving me insane! (where does she learn these words?)

Me: Jason go to your room, and leave her alone!

Mookie: Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! With a baseball bat! (now he is dancing in the hallway singing at the top of is lungs with his hands in the air!)

Jada: Jason be quiet!

Mookie: Where he at? Where he at? Where he at?


Mookie: There he go! There he go! There he go! (now there is much dancing and booty shaking in and out of me and Jada’s room and up and down the hallway)

Jada: Mommy please make him stop!

Me: Jason!

Mookie: PEANUT BUTTER JELLY ! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY!  (yelling at the top of his lungs while dancing his booty off!)


Mookie: But mommy I LOVE THIS SONG!

ME: Jason it is way to early for all of that!

Mookie: Okay….. peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly! (now he is whispering, cause he is considerate and everything!)

Every morning at 6:00 am!

People it is peanut butter jelly time!

I would like to thank Uncle Nate, Uncle Tony and Uncle Jeremy because without them, Mookie would not know all the words to this song!

Mornings with Mookie!

During the summer my niece comes up from Mississippi and stays with my parents. My daughter (JadaBear) packs her bags and moves out of my house, and goes to stay with my parents (who live up the street from us) until her cousin (aka her idol) goes home.  That leaves me at home with my very active, very loud, 3-year-old son.

Every morning without fail this kid gets up and walks into my room before sunrise and says, “Mommy I wake up, and I sleep in my own bed.” (really kid, I’m proud of you but, do I need an announcement every morning?)  Some days he follows it up with a solo on his g’tar (that’s guitar for those of you who don’t speak 3 yr old…He has a guitar that howls so this is always so relaxing.)  Others days he comes in and gets in the bed with me and talks to me and jumps on me until I get up cause he is weally weally humgry! (really hungry) with hands gestures and everything. (he gets his dramatics from his big sister).

The other day he was in rare form. He got up at 3am (he was oh so very cold, and he needed me to put the blanket over his shoulders), 5:30 am (he needed to watch Dora and Bubble Guppies, & could I please change the channels), and 7 am (cause he needs to get up to go see his JadaBear).   When he was finally able to get up out of the bed and play it went a little something like this:

Mookie: Mama can I have that?

Me: What’s that?

Mookie: Come see it’s up there?

Me: You can not have anything off of that shelf it is too loud. (there is a shelf over his dresser mounted to the wall, and there are race cars and trucks up there)

Mookie: Did you say no to me?

Me: Get away from me, please!

Mookie: Mommy you making my head hurt dammit, (yeah he cussed at me) don’t say no to me! (I could not believe what he just said so it took me a minute to stop laughing and to respond.)

Me: What did u say?

Mookie: I don’t know, but I sorry can I have my race car?

Me: No!

My crazy kid stomps back to his room mad and crying, muttering how mama always says no to me….he comes back  five minutes later with the remote control to his race car in his hand! (which was on the shelf above the dresser where he COULD NOT reach it!)

Mookie: Mommy can u get the race car now?

Me: How did you get the remote from up there? (I finally roll out of bed to see what this nut has done!)

Mookie: I threw it up like this (lots of hand gestures and lots of spinning) and it came down.

Me: What? (I have no clue what this boy is talking about, but his room is a HAWT mess!)

Mookie: I threw it (every stuffed animal he had) like this and (more hand gestures and more lots more spinning….I don’t know why) and it came down Mama!

Folks, this kid threw his stuffed animals at the shelf until he was able to push the remote control off of the shelf.

Me: Give me that (snatching the car remote, and trying not to laugh) stop throwing stuff and go sit down somewhere before I hurt you.

Mookie: What? You said no, so I get it myself!

Me: I’m done!

All of this before 8 am? I can’t take it any more, but I gotta give it to the kid, he thought outside the box and he figured out a way to get what he wanted for himself (even if it was the wrong way). I have a feeling that this kid right here,  he is going to be a whole lot of trouble for me, for the rest of my life!

Pray Church, Pray!


The Difference Between Boys & Girls (Praying)

Every morning on the way to school, I pray with my kids. I give them each an opportunity to pray and then I close before we get to school.  Since there is no correct way to pray, I let them speak from the heart with very little guidance.  (Yeah, that is not really going to work anymore.) I don’t want to stop them from expressing themselves, but I think I need to offer them some guidelines and perhaps a time limit on each prayer. (Nothing is ever easy with these two!)

Now Jada loves to pray, I mean LOVES to pray. She is eloquent, long-winded and very specific about what and who she is praying for.  She prays for everybody and their mama. (and their mama’s mama!)  Plus the birds and the bees, the trees and the grass so that it can grow longer, the sky so that it can stay blue, and for the people walking on the street, for the car driving in the other direction, for the different colors in the rainbow, and so on and so forth and, I think you get the picture!  She is never-ending people, never-ending.  The trip from our house to the school is 7 minutes at the most, and sometimes I have to cut in and tell her to wrap it up, which essentially throws her off of her game, then she loses her place and has to start ALL THE WAY OVER from the beginning. The whole time Jada is praying her brother is conveniently humming or yelling (that is his favorite) and trying to pray over her, which in turn cause her to fuss and lose her place and have to start ALL OVER AGAIN(While I bang my head against the headrest and pray for the ride to end!)

Jason on the other hand is more of a bargaining type of prayer! He prays for his special treat and not to get his bear moved cause then he won’t get his special treat, and then he prays that he does not yell, roll on the floor, scream or run his hand down the wall at school (all things he has done or will do at school) because if any of that happens he won’t get his special treat. Then he prays that his friends won’t get him in trouble because…..he won’t get his special treat. And he has to pray for his birthday, EVERY SINGLE DAY. He prays for his birthday party, that he will get presents, and that Grandma won’t throw out his birthday cake. (His birthday was in April people, and yes he is still praying for it) and he ends every prayer with, Ok God you hear me? Alright God let’s have a good day! (While I bang my head against the headrest and pray for the ride to end!)

I would not make it without these two, they crack me up!

Peace out homies, I’m gonna go pray!


The Difference Between Boys & Girls (Co-Sleeping)

I co-slept with both of my kids (no judgment people… to each his own). It was just easier for my to have them with me when  I needed to nurse, and I was too much of a softie to put them out of the bed once they stopped nursing. (Much to the dismay of the hubs.) After I stopped nursing (I nursed both kids up until their first birthday) I did not want to be up all night listening to them scream because they had to sleep in their crib. (lazy I know….but whatever that is beside the point).

Jada was easy, soooo easy!  We moved when Jada was 2 and I was pregnant with Jason. We slept on the pull out couch until our beds got here. I told JadaBear that once the new baby came she would have to sleep in her own bed. She has always been independent and ready to try new things so she was gung-ho. All she needed was a bed, some Hello Kitty stuffed animals and her tv and she was good to go. Her granddaddy gave her a bed, her daddy hooked her up with a tv, and her grandmamma showered her with Hello Kitty stuffed animals, and she has never looked back.

Now Mookie was a whole different story. He hated the crib, I mean hated it. I tried twice to get him to sleep in his own bed after I stopped nursing. Those were the worst hours of my life. The screaming and yelling NEVER STOPPED, and would wake up everyone in the house!  I could not take it so I quit trying. There were people in my life saying I needed to cut the ties and let him scream it out, but yeah I ignored that. I was tired enough without adding screaming baby who never slept to the list.  I had been telling Mookie for a year now that he needed to get out of mommy and daddy’s bed because he was a big boy.  If he could have laughed in my face, he would have!  He was not having any of it!  Let him tell it he was going to sleep with mommy FOREVER!

Well , lo and behold that has all changed. Yeah it took me 3 years and 12 days but the co-sleeper has left the building (let the saints say AMEN!), and all it took was a pillow. (yeah u read that right a stinking PILLOW got the boy out the bed).  Last Friday me and Mooks went to Walmart with my mom and she bought some pillows for the kids.  On Monday (after I put a pillowcase on the pillow, cause he said it was yucky without one) he told me he was going nite-nite and he went to bed. His own bed, in his own room, by himself, like a big boy!  No crying, and no fussing.  Now he does get up a few times a night saying he needs help, that he has suddenly gone blind and he can’t see (he is very creative for 3), or that his leg hurts and he needs me to rub his belly (I don’t know how the 2 are related but okay). But other than that nothing. NADA!

And all it took was a PILLOW from Walmart! (wish I would have known this a year ago!)

Peace out homies!


Attention, Attention

Attention Short People I Gave Birth To:

I love you with my whole heart, and I am truly grateful that you are a part of my life. Your smiles bring me constant joy. Your love for me is completely amazing. You two are absolute delights 95% of the time. That being said short people, you guys are wearing me out! I had more than one kid so that I would NOT be your constant source of entertainment. The two of you are supposed to entertain each other. I don’t want to play hide and seek, and telephone all day long! You guys are like my own personal instant messengers with your minute to minute updates on the lives of LaLa and Shayla ( baby dolls) and your detailed explanations (in part English and part gibberish) about how your cars fell of the couch and ran into the wall. I have constant music because the two of you NEVER stop singing (from the gospel music to the slow jams it is amazing how many songs you know, and how many you are willing to make up just for me! YEAH!)

You guys are not WWE Wrestlers so please stop jumping off of my furniture and on to each other, only to come yelling at momma when things get out of hand. And why oh why do you have to drag each other around the house?Is this really a good idea?  Please stop playing in the bathrooms and putting allllllllll of the toilet paper in the toilet and then yelling I’m done!  Why do you have 4,582 toys if you are going to play with toilet paper? Do you know how much toilet paper costs?

I don’t want to fish things out of vents because you are suddenly MacGyver and you have learned to take the vents off the walls.  Toys and or random items don’t go in there either.  Oh yeah that is not where you put trash either IT GOES IN THE ACTUAL TRASH CAN.   I am doing my best not to raise mini hoarders, so can you please stop storing all of your papers from school on and under your bed.  I am sure you will bring some more papers home next week, so we really don’t need to keep every single piece of paper you bring into the house!

Last but certainly not least, I am not your maid. You are both old enough now to pick up after yourself. We have FOUR count em FOUR dirty clothes baskets in this house please use them. When you are done playing with all 47 of the exact same Barbie doll that you HAD TO HAVE or you would JUST FALL OUT AND DIE can you please put them and their 1,562 accessories away, so mommy does not step on them and yell out inappropriate words that you repeat at school.

That is all for now.



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