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Zumba for the Wii (Take 2)

Last week I ended my 30 Day Challenge on EA Sports Active for the Wii and this week I went back to Zumba for the Wii. Per the back of the case, I have joined the Fitness Revolution. (OH YEAH!)  I will be participating in a fun, interactive experience that fuses contagious (judging from the way my little people were shaking their groove thangs I would say it is contagious) Latin and international rhythms with spicy hot dance moves (my niece has got the spicy hot dance moves down to a tee….her daddy is gonna kill me) from salsa, merengue, hip hop and more.  This week I decided to shake up my work out with a house party that never ends. (their words, not mine…i’m way cooler than that!)

Zumba Fitness has a workout calendar that lets you customize how you want your workout to look for the week. It lets you select your skill level, class length, and the days of the week that you would like to work out. Since I have not done Zumba in a while, and I have a very bad habit of jumping in and doing the hardest workout possible, ensuring that I end up flat on my back seeing stars I started out slow.  On Monday I started with the Intermediate Level for a 20 minute class. I then realized that I would be okay if I pushed myself a little harder, and by Thursday (today) I had worked my way up to the Expert Level doing the 20 minute classes. I am going to end the week with the Expert Level 20 minute class and go to the Beginner 45 minute classes next week.

Maybe by then I can get my kids to actually do a routine with me versus dancing around me shaking their bootays to the beat!

Gotta Love em,



Doing More

Once again today’s focus was on lunges. (Oh, how I hate thee lunges, let me count the ways…). “Get low,” they said, “aim for maximum height on the jump lunges,” they said, “put some power behind it.” (Kick Rocks, I said!)  The squat holds, PLUS the squats with calf raises almost did a sista in! It was complete torture. I worked my way through the never-ending stars circling around my head, and I made it through to the end! When I finally hit the floor, gasping and panting for breath, Coach Mookie was there (he is on the sick & shut in list today) cheering me on. (You did it momma, good job.)  Then he gave me the thumbs up sign, sideways. (Good times people, good times!)


Workout: 13 out of 20

Calories Burned: 171.8

Workout Time: 20:08

Exercises Completed: 18 out of 18

Today‘s Exercises

Walk & Run (Medium)

Squats with Calf Raises (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Presses (2x)

Shooting (Basketball)

Alternating Lunges (2x)

Jump Lunges (2x)

Serve, Bump, Set & Block (Tennis…. I was so off today, I missed just about every Set & Block)

Run, Knees & Kick Ups

Squat Holds (2x- 20 seconds of pure pain each time)

Shooting & Passing (More basketball)

Run & Walk (Long)

I wanted to do something extra today. Something quick and easy, so I followed up my workout on the EA Sports Active for the Wii with a quick 8 minute Cardio Dance workout off of the FIT TV on Xfinity. They called it a quick cardio blast that would work my entire body in my quest for cardio fitness. Umm they did not lie. That Kendra Kemerley worked it out in those 8 minutes. She got my heart pumping and I used every inch of my body in the workout.

Now that I have sweated out my perm, I must go hit the showers.


The Days Are Blending Together!

My workout days are blending together, so I am not really sure what day I am on for the 30 Day Challenge. I have missed days and I have taken to many rest days in between workouts so I know I am a little off. My abs are still sore from yesterday’s workout with the towel (thanks Mike Chang), so I only worked out with the EA Sports Active for the Wii. Today’s workout began with some killer dance moves to get my arms moving and my blood flowing. An emphasis was placed on the arms and shoulders, with lots of presses, rows, raises and curls. (This was the description given on the game). Truth be told, it was a good workout. All the running and lunges had my heart rate up and I was sweating a lot (a whole lot)!


Workout: 8 out of 20

Calories Burned: 304.4

Workout TIme: 36:30

Exercises Completed: 18 out 19

Today’s Exercises

Dance Basic 2 (killer moves like the arm raises, and the lawn mover)

Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks (2x)

Bicep Curls with Upright Rows (2x)

Side to Side Jumps (3x)

Alternating Side Lunges (3x)

Kick Ups (Long- this took me forever, I could only do the fast ones for about 10 seconds at a time before my legs stopped working, so my avatar slowed down and my oh so helpful coach kept telling me to do a better job while the words TOO SLOW kept flashing across the screen)

Inline Skating (Skipped – I am going to stop saying I can’t do this and speak truth – I REFUSE TO DO THIS EXERCISE BECAUSE I HATE IT…dont judge me!)

Bicep Curls with Shoulder Presses (2x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Run (Long -3x around the track)

Dance Intermediate 2 (Cool down with some more arm raises, waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and raising the roof! Oh yeah, PARTY OVER HERE!)


End of the Week

February 10, 2012

YEAH! So I made it to the end of the week and I managed to exercise for 5 straight days in a row and gosh darn it I am so proud of me!

Calories Burned: 225.2/259.7 (expected amount of calories to be burned.

Workout Time: 28:24

Exercises Completed: 17/18

Shooting and Passing (Basketball)

Pitch, Catch & Bat (Baseball)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges (2x)

Kick Ups (Short Bootay Kicks)

Bent Over Rows w/ Triceps Kickbacks

Bicep Curls w/Shoulder Press

Targets & Heavy Bags (5 Sets)

Back Court & Front Court (Tennis)

Alternating Lunges

Alternating Side Lunges (Skipped, cause I was tired)

Run (Medium – Twice around the track)

Serve,Bump, Set & Block (Volleyball – Yes I am still terrible)

Bent Over Rows

Upright Rows

Alternating Bicep Curls

Alternating Triceps Kickbacks

Have a great weekend!



Caught Up In My Feelings

Today was one of those days that started off badly. My daughter woke me up and 12:30 am because her scarf fell off of her head while she was sleeping. (Really?) Then I had to deal with Mookie who could not stay sleep to safe his life, and was kicking and hitting me all night long! I already had an attitude before I even left the house to take the kids to school!

I get to the bank to make a deposit before the bank opens, and they don’t have any envelopes at the ATM machine. I take the kids to school, and I go back to the bank when it opened at 9 am only for those morons behind the desk tell me that my account at the bank that I have been a member of since I was a freshman in high school was closed! (REALLY!) So then the lady behind the counter had enough nerve to get smart with me! The heifer asked me if I knew my account was closed. (Lady, did you really just ask me that? Would I have really come up to the bank if I had known that the account was closed.) I swear some people need to wear signs that say just how stupid they really are!

So I get home, and I see some things online that really set me on edge. Things that I should not let bother me, that I should be over but sometimes I get caught all up in my feelings and can’t control them at all.

All of this before 10:00 am……

I said all of that to say that I had no intention of working out today! NONE! I was done. I wanted to come home and stuff my face with anything and everything I could find! Then sit on my butt wallow in self pity and despair and wait for my kids to get out of school. But my desire to feel better,  look better and work off some of this tension in my body and spirit won out, and I am so glad it did.

So I went back to the workout I love to hate…EA Active Workout for the Wii. I got my cardio and my strength training in. I still need to replace the resistance band that I broke last week but other than that it was ALL GOOD! (I am so lying working out is never all good for me, it is painful and hard and I digress…..)

20 Minute Workout (Hard)

Full body circuit training featuring cardio and toning exercises!

15 Exercises (I completed all of them today- anger was a great motivator for me today!)

Walk & Run Medium (3 times around the track)

Squats 2x

Bent Over Rows 2x

Alternating Lunges 2x

Jump Lunges 2x

Upright Rows 2x

Kick Ups (Long) – (More running but your feet are hitting your bootay)

Jump Squats

Targets & Heavy Bag (Jabs, Crossovers, and  the Heavy Bag)

Run, Knees, & Kick Ups (Running the track, high-stepping, and bootay kickers)

I am not sure what kind of timer this game has on it though. This twenty-minute workout actually took me thirty minutes in real life but the game clocked it at 24 minutes. Whatever the case, I am feeling  better and most of my angry feelings are gone.

Thanks God for an outlet, I so needed this today!


Bathroom Breaks

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I go to the bathroom just to get away from my darling little angels (complete sarcasm). The little short people I gave birth too are a handful to say the least, and sometimes Mommy needs to put herself in timeout, or she might end up in somebody’s mental institution. I might need a new plan because I think the little crumb snatchers are on to me!

Without fail as soon as they hear the door to the bathroom shut, here come the questions, then the fights break out right outside the door, and they are not little fights, they are full-fledged battles complete with wrestling, screaming and stuff being thrown, followed by the threats of whooping and timeouts, plus a lifetime of punishment if they don’t leave me alone. (Apparently, they don’t think I am serious, because they still do it)

This does not happen every once in a while, this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Mookie makes it his business to come right into the bathroom to have very important conversations with me, that just cannot wait until I get out (by the way he speaks very little English and a whole lot of gibberish):

Mookie: Mama you go potty?
Me: Get out Jason?
Mookie: Mama what you doing in here?
Mookie: You brush your teeth?
Me: Boy do you hear me? Get out!
Mookie: Get out?
Me: Boy…

He then runs laughing hysterically out the bathroom. Now his sister takes a different approach all together. She stands outside the bathroom door, and yells through the door.

Jada: Mom I have to go to the bathroom.
Me: Use the one up front.
Jada: Mom are u done?
Me: What do you think Jada?
Jada: Mom, mommy, mama, mom, mommy, mama! (she got that off of the Family Guy and ran with it)
Me: Stop calling my name!
Jada: Can I have (name the most random thing you can think of) chickpeas from the South Pacific while flying over the coast of Aruba on a parasail (yes her requests are just that random and dumb)
Me: Lawd have mercy leave me alone!

Recently, they have gotten real creative. Jada will write notes and slide them under the door (yeah, I am really gonna get up to read, and respond to your notes), while Jason sticks his hands under the door, wiggles his fingers and yells, mommy can you see me?

Fun times people, fun times!

I get no peace in this house….EVER!



Jada Nichole Haymon

The day I met you I knew I would love you for the rest of my life. I will never forget the day you were born. Your Uncle Tony called me to check on me, and I told him I kept having use the bathroom, he laughed and told me my water had broken. I ran (I lumbered) up the stairs to get your daddy out the bathroom, and he rushed me to the hospital.  I was in labor ALL day with you. Your daddy and your grandma were my coaches and they stayed with me the whole day and at 11:45 pm after two pushes you came into the world amidst camera’s flashes, cheers and applause. To a host of family members who could not wait to meet you. From the very beginning you were the light of my life. You have brought me so much happiness, and I just cannot believe you are six years old today!

You are a force to be reckoned with. You are so beautiful and smart beyond your years. You are opinionated and wise, and giving and kind and you love with your whole heart! It brings me joy that you love school and learning and you love the Lord with your whole heart! You know so much more than you should and you are not afraid to let people know what the business is.  I love your stories and your creativity. I love the fact that you dance to your own beat, every second of everyday. I love that you read EVERYTHING, and that you make up your own songs. Your life has its own playlist and everyday is new and beautiful through your eyes.

I love that you love your little brother (even when he makes you so angry you wanna scream). And I LOVE that you LOVE your daddy with everything in you.

I love that you want to dance, and that you taught yourself how to do a handstand, and that you make up moves to every song you hear. I love that your favorite dance right now is the sprinkler and you will bust it out no matter how fast or slow the song is. I LOVE that you ALWAYS have a pose ready for the camera and that your fashion sense is second to none! (Shout out to Hello Kitty JadaBear’s favorite)

Baby Girl you are amazing and I love you and will continue to love you until there is not a single breath left in my body!

Happy Birthday JadaBear! God gave you to me and I promise to cherish you forever and a day and then some!



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