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My Body Does Not Like Me Right Now!

So yeah, I pretty much stink up the joint when it comes to exercising on a regular consistent basis.  I get all amped up and I say to myself,” Self you got this! Today is the day, you are going for the gold! You are going to go out there and CONQUER the world of exercise! Ain’t No Stopping Us Now! It’s all you baby! YEAH! Let’s get it!” Then me and myself are good for a little while, then something happens, or I get caught up in life and meaningless things that really do not matter and then I miss a day.  Then one day becomes two and two days turns into weeks…. and well you get my drift……sigh!

Yesterday, I got up and took the kids to school and instead of coming right up and getting caught in my feelings I drove to a nearby hospital and walked the bike trail.  It felt good, but it also hurt. 20 minutes of fast walking on concrete is no joke on the calf muscles. (My body was not happy!)  Today, I got up and I dropped the kids off at school and instead of coming home and complaining (to myself ) about how out of shape I am, and whining (again to myself) about how I wish this weight would just go away, I walked to my TV and completed the Cardio Kickboxing workout with Jill Coleman on FitTV.  A workout that was full of cardio (jumping jacks and punches) and Interval Training (squats & high knees) packed into 20 minutes.  (My body sooooooo does not like me right now!)

Apparently long breaks with no real physical activity beyond chasing after my kids is no good for this girl right here.  My knees are screaming out in protest and my muscles in my arms and legs would so like to slap the mess out of me right now.  So I am done making promises with mouth that my body can’t keep (Like running with no plan) and I am taking it day by day. I can no longer give me and my complaining self anymore breaks and I plan on working out every day for a least 20 minutes a day (that is all I can take right now) so my old body does not throw in the towel and completely shut down on me.

Cause honestly, I really need my body to like me again……

Getting My Groove Back!

It has been 7 weeks since I completed week 4 of P90x. (I know, I know bad JJ) Which of course took me two weeks to finish. (My baby girl graduated Kindergarten and we took a mini vacation to go visit family in Memphis TN.) Week 4 was chock full of fun stuff like Cardio X and Core Synergistics followed by some fun Yoga and more Cardio X. (translation a lot of jumping around and core work!)

Then I started week 5 of P90x. I  got thru the first 3 days of the 5th week (Chest/Shoulder/Triceps, Plyometerics, & Back and Biceps) before life kicked in again and sidetracked me.  I have yet to finish week 5 but I am going to start (month 2) all over again from the beginning next week! (I swear on my momma’s good name that I am going to get it done!)

I have not been sitting around eating myself out of house and home. (I sit around at my momma’s house and do that….just kidding!)  Last week I went to the gym with my mom and I hit up the elliptical machines 4 out of 5 days.  I ran an average of 2.5 to 3 miles for about 45 minutes a day and I burned a lot of calories. Which I counteracted with eating. (I am still working on controlling my portions and what I actually put in my mouth).  It has been a constant battle between me and the food, but I am going to win.  I have been eating less garbage and more green stuff. Vegetables and what not…Lots of spinach salads, green beans and broccoli. (side note I only eat the green ones, the rest of them just don’t taste right to me)  and less Portillo’s Chocolate Cake (Oh how I love thee, let me count they ways!)  I have also been spending a lot of time outside with my own two short people and their cousins which leaves me totally exhausted by the end of the day with no desire to workout(unless you consider yelling and fussing part of a workout)  I am trying to change that by getting back into working out when I get up in the morning, but it is proofing to be difficult!

I was determined to get back into the swing of things TODAY, but I am sporting a headache so I decided to take it easy and do some Pilates Butt.  Today I learned how to achieve my dream silhouette while improving my balance and posture. I let Tonya Nettles guide me in this half hour workout routine that targeted my bootay and hamstrings! (description was paraphrased from FIT TV) It was not that hard of a workout. Just a lot of stretching and leg movements which is just what I needed today.  It was made a little harder by my son who kept making circles around me yelling, “Ma, I cold….ma I need your help…ma I hungry.”   But it was a start in the right direction.   Tomorrow will definitely be better!

Now I am off to my own mom’s house to corral the troops and find something fun to do today!

The Troops!

Wish me luck!


P90X – Week 3 Review

So I completed my 3rd week of P90x last Saturday. (Patting myself on the back….cause I made it to week 4!)  I thought it was supposed to get easier the further along I got and the more work I did.  (Ummm, I am waiting for the easy.)  When I started I could barely do a push up. Now three weeks in, my push up are a little deeper and I don’t have to do all of them on my knees. (Which is a good thing)  But with the deeper push up, and more effort on my part comes a whole lot more pain!  (NO PAIN NO GAIN……that is what I keep telling myself…over and over and over again!)

Monday: Chest & Back (60 minutes)


During  the first set Tony encourages you (meaning me) to take my time with the exercises and not wear myself out because you have to do it all over again in the 2nd set, where Tony expected me to BRING IT! Yeah, well I brought as much as I could and I completed all 24 exercises to the best of my ability. I used 5 lbs weights and a chair when needed. All push ups were done on my knees and all pull up exercises were done with an exercise band while sitting down.  I  am happy to say that was able to go deeper into my push up (which of course actually made them harder) so my arms were straight rubber after this workout!

Tuesday: Plyometerics (60 minutes)


This workout right here….oh baby….. it is a very intense workout that never, ever gets an easier. The goal is to jump as high as you can (does 1/2 an inch off of the ground count?) and still land lightly on your feet. (I still sound like a herd of elephants running through the house, but I am working on it!)  I am always soaking wet by the end of this workout (which is a good thing), and tired but I am actually glad that I worked out when I am done (Crazy huh).  I completed 5 sets, each set had 4 exercises. The firsts 3 exercises were 30 seconds each, and every 4th exercise was 1 minute long. Each set was completed twice. I also made it thru completed the bonus round which consisted of 3 exercise which were 1 minute each.  All of the exercises in the bonus round were completed twice as well.

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms (60 minutes)


One of the biggest problems I have while working out is breathing correctly. When it gets hard I tend to hold my breath and strain, which apparently is WRONG!  I have heard that it makes you a little dizzy and you can quite possibly pass out. (That is what I have heard…..I refuse to admit that there is a possibility that I passed out because I was not breathing correctly!)  I completed 4 sets of 3 workouts for the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Each exercise was completed twice, and after every 3rd workout there was a 30 second ballistic stretch. I also completed a bonus round of exercises at the end. I used a 5 lbs weight (I really need to get some heavier weights!).

Thursday: Yoga (1 hour & 32 minutes)

Tip Of The Day: I don’t remember I was in too much pain!

Yoga is hard….I mean really hard and I was in so much pain and so tired from the 3 previous workouts that I only completed the first 30 minutes of the Yoga workout last week. I tried but every muscle in my body was screaming at me. SO I did what I could and I came back to it on Monday and completed the rest of the workout.  This is all about flexibility and strength (upper and lower body). You feel EVERY SINGLE MOVE in EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY!   I am determined to get the hang of Yoga DETERMINED PEOPLE! I know it will be beneficial for me in the long run.

Friday: Legs & Back (60 minutes)


There is no way on God‘s green earth that I can keep up with Tony Horton and his crew during these workouts. He knows that so he stressed during the workout that is was better to have good form and do the exercise correctly than to try to bust out as many reps as you can, and keep up with them. Turns out that is actually a good idea. (Go figure!)   Doing the exercise correctly actually works you out harder and you get more out of the workout. (Amazing what can happen when you actually listen….I am so smart sometimes). I completed 23 exercises. All of the pull up exercises were done with a band while I was sitting on the floor and I used 5 lbs weights and a chair when needed.

Saturday: Cardio X (45 minutes)

This is a mix of Yoga (strength and agility), Kenpo X (karate/defense moves), Plyometerics (moves like a cat) and Core (pain oh the pain) work. Oh my LAWD!  We did 4 to 5 exercises for each segment, which does not seem like a lot, but trust me it really is. The Yoga moves ALL involve plank exercises and balance (which I have none of). The Kenpo X exercises were combination moves including kicking and punching continuously. Plyometerics was a lot of jumping and kicking over a chair, and the Core exercises, lets just say he gave me the BUSINESS at the end there. The superman/banana move (where you start on your stomach(the superman) and roll over on to your back (into the banana) without using your hands or your legs) just about did me in. How those people were able to do it is beyond me! I was so tired by the end of this workout……I do believe I just laid on the floor in pain while they did the cool down. (then the hubs poured water on me to get me back on my feet…cause he is so helpful that way!)

So all in all it was a good workout week for me. Now I just need to get my eating portions under control and I will be set. (Apparently eating to much of the right stuff is not a good idea either).

Have a good one!


She Did What?

I have done a lot of dumb things in my life. Some of the dumbest things I have done have been in my quest to lose weight. I am not to proud of some of the things that have gone into my body in an attempt to make me more beautiful to me.  I have jumped on many a weight loss band wagons, lost weight really fast, then fell off the wagon, and laid in the dust of another failed attempt at losing weight.

I have tried more diet pills, drinks and fads than I care to admit!  Unfortunately, I am easily swayed by the late night quick fix infomercial. (People, I promise you no good can come from staying up late at night watching infomercials!)  All of these attempts have led to many a weight loss binges and crashes. After each and every crash I get down on myself because it did not work the way I wanted it too.  Then I either try to eat my way back to sanity or I starve myself into a bigger mess.  Apparently (since I am here writing this post) none of these things have been successful over the years.

I was in the best shape of MY LIFE when I was in college (shouts out to Hampton University!) and had to walk EVERYWHERE because I had no car. Then when I came home for the summer, I was moving and running (yeah back in the day I could at least jog around a track…now not so much!) and eating right. Since I know the right way to do things (which by the way is never the easy way) I need to get back to what works for me. So no more quick fixes for me. No more fly by night diet tricks that make my heart race and make me feel like I am losing my mind, because there is no substitute for hard work, eating right and good ole determination.

There are a few things I have come across that seem to be putting me back on track. One of them is P90x (which I just finished the 3rd week of……go me!)  It is a lot of hard work, but I am determined to see it through to the end and get those positive results.  Some other things I have found that I would like to try once I have made it ALL THE WAY THROUGH P90X are:

P90X 2: Yep they have 12 all new workouts to give you your best body yet!  Per the website: This is better training than most pro athletes get. The kind of cross-training that separates posers from performers. And with emphasis on your abs/core, powerful athletic function, and lightning-bolt agility, it’ll help you blast through your plateaus. (WORD TO BIG BIRD!)

Ultimate Reset: I have tried pills that are supposed to clean me out and help me lose weight.  All they really did was make me nervous and upset my stomach. The Ultimate Reset is supposed to get your body back to optimal health without all the harsh side effects! (Now that’s something I can get with! I am all about not causing my body any more damage!)  Per the website: In three gentle phases, the Ultimate Reset takes you through the natural steps needed to help your body Reclaim and rebalance itself, Release harmful toxic compounds that may be stored within, and Restore your system to its maximum health.

P90X for the iPhone: Now this right here, I have to get my husband to either download for me (I don’t have an iPhone) or buy me an iPhone (which one do y’all think he will go for?)  Per the website:  Want to do your P90X workouts at the gym? Outside? On the go? Purchase guided versions of the workouts designed specifically for the iPhone so you can work out anywhere, anytime. To be able to take your workouts with you and use them at the gym can only be a benefit don’t cha think? (maybe Beachbody will make an app for the Android…just a suggestion…call me let’s talk :))

Now I am off to start my 4th week of P90X, wish me luck!


Just so you know, nobody is paying me anything to write anything!  I am just on a quest to better myself and I am open to exploring all my options! If you want more information on any of those things that I talked about above you can to the BeachBody website!

Nope, It’s Not Easier

I am in my 2nd week of P90x. I foolishly thought that it would be just a little bit easier this week. I had conquered the 1st week, and I knew I had a long way to go, but there is no way it could actually get harder right? (I should have known better I know….but was optimistic!)

I did Chest & Back today along with the Ab Ripper X (some day I hope to make thru the whole 16 minute Ab workout). I worked with my main man Tony Horton (what up yo!), Bobby, Scottie and Meran. This was 44 minutes of biceps, triceps and back work and it did a sista in. It was harder doing push up this week because I actually had the correct form, even though I was still on my knees, and I was going deeper into the push up to get a better workout. I had less reps this week on some of the push ups because I was actually doing them right (crazy right?)  Any who, I did my best and I am forgetting the rest! (That’s Tony’s motto and I am sticking to it!)

Chest & Back Workout Take 2

8 minute Warm Up

Round 1 – Pace Yourself (Tip of the Day)
All push ups were done on my knees, all pull ups were done sitting on the floor with a band! Weights used were 5 lbs each.
Standard Push Up: 15 reps
Wide Pull Ups: 20 reps
Military Push Up: 10 reps
Reverse Grip Chin Ups: 15 reps
Wide Fly Push Ups: 11 reps
Close Grip Overhead Pull Ups: 17 reps
Decline Push Ups: Chair, 0 reps
Heavy Pants: 15 reps
Diamond Push Ups: 6 reps
Lawnmowers: 15 reps each side
Dive Bomber Push Ups: 6 reps
Back Flys: chair, 15 reps

Round 2 – Stick With It (Tip of the Day)
All push ups were done do my knees, all pull ups were done on one knee with a band. Weights used were 5 lbs each.
Wide Front Pull Ups: 15 reps
Standard Push Ups: 10 reps
Reverse Grip Chin Ups: 20 reps
Military Style Push Ups: 7 reps
Close Grip Overhead Pull Ups: 15 reps
Wide Fly Push ups: 6 reps
Heavy Pants: 15 reps
Decline Push Ups: 0
Lawnmowers: 15 each side
Diamond Push Ups: 10 reps
Back Flys: Chair, 15 reps
Dive Bomber Push Ups: 5 shaky reps

4 minute Cool Down

I followed this up with the Ab Ripper X, which is a 16 minute ab routine, and as stated above I have yet to make it all the way through this particular exercise. I really don’t know how they expect you to do that after 44 minutes of Chest & Back but I will keep working on it. (Fingers crossed and praying really hard!)

Peace & Blessings,




This is great news for this tired, sore sista! I made it through the 1st week of P90x with Tony Horton and friends!  Today was my last workout day of the week and we finished up the week with some kick butt CARDIO X!  Lawd have mercy, if I can make it through this I can make it through ANYTHING! (fingers crossed, praying that is the worst of it!)  This was 44 minutes of super ridiculously, intense, super hard cardio activity. We did a little bit of everything today and Tony Horton put those 44 minutes to good use!  We worked out today with Jason, Vanessa and Dom. (3 Beasts)

I have no words for how happy I am to see Saturday!

Cardio X – Extreme Cardio – Not for the Faint of Heart!


Astanga Sun Salutations

Runners Pose

Warrior One

Warrior Two

Reverse Warrior


Ball Kick: 20 each side

Hook/Upper Cut/Side Kick: 15 each side

Knuckles/Ball Kick/Back Kick: 15 each side

Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut: 25 each side

3 Direction Kicks: 18 reps

Plyometerics (all exercise were done 2x)

Airborne Heisman: 30 sec

Swing Kicks Over Chair: 30 sec

Jump Shots: 30 sec

Big Tires: 30 sec

Wacky Jacks: 30 sec


Squat Cross X-Press: 30 reps

Steam Engine: 50 reps

The Dreya Roll: 60 sec (I did not do this cause I could not get out of the roll!)

Squat Run: 60 sec (30 sec on each side……SOOOOO HARD!)

Superman/Banana: 60 sec (Could not do this at all…..my core betrayed me!)

3 minute cool down!

Cheers to the freaking weekend!


Is The Warm Up Supposed To Hurt Too?

Yesterday, oh yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away…Just kidding, yesterday P90x Legs and Back tore me up something serious! I worked out with Tony Horton (of course) Dreya, Eric and Sophia.  I am mean really at some point  you need to take a break (that is what I kept yelling at the TV…they aren’t very good listeners!)

This was 60 minutes of squatting and lunging and pulling  and grunting and crying (those last two were only done by me!) for a workout like no other. (this description was pulled from the website.. all except for the crying and what not).  I am going to make it through this next months with prayer and prayer and more prayer……. you get the point!

Working My Legs & My Back!

9 minute warmup ( I was sweating hard after these 9 minutes)

Balance Lunges with Chair: 25 each side

Calf Raise Squats: 5 lbs, 25 reps

Reverse Grip Chin Up: Bands, 15 Reps

Super Skaters: 25 each side

Wall Squats: 90 sec (OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!)

Wide Front Pull Ups: Band, 15 reps

Step Back Lunges: 5 lbs, 15 each side

Alternating Side Lunges: 5 lbs, 24 reps

Close Grip Overhead Pull Ups: Band, 12 reps

Single Leg Wall Squat: 90 sec (Yeah that did not happen for this chick!)

Dead Lift Squats: 20 each side

Switch Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 16 reps

3 Way Lunges: 5 each side (Really? Do you what me to make to the end of the week?…..I guess not!)

Sneaky Lunges: 10 out of 20 (these (insert curse word here!) are done on your tip toes! KILLER)

Reverse Grip Chin Ups: Bands, 12 reps

Chair Salutations: 30 sec, 2x

Toe Roll Iso Lunge: 15/20 reps for each side

Wide Front Pull Ups: Bands, 12 reps

Groucho Walk: 45 sec (Walking while squatting, BIG FUN people BIG FUN!)

Calf Raises: 15 Slow 10 Fast (Toes pointing out, Toes pointing front, Toes pointing in)

Overhead Close Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 10 reps

80/20 Siebar Speed Squats: 30 reps each side

Switch Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 15 reps

4 Minute Cool Down

Whoooooo Saaaaaaaa!


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