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The TF Word

This conversation is from dinner last night:

Jason: Momma Jada said a bad word!

Jada: No I didn’t Jason you need to learn to tell the truth!

Jason: Yes you did Jada you said the bad word!

Me: What word did she say Jason?

Jason: The TF word.

Me: Jada why did you say…. Wait…..what? What is the TF word?

Jada: I did not say that word!

Me: Wait! Stop talking Jada! What is the TF word!

Jason: You know the word that Jada said that is the TF word and it is a bad word and she said that to me!

Jada: Jason I did not say that word!

(They are now yelling at each other)

Me: Jason there is no such thing as the TF word and Jada did not say a bad word!

Jason: Mommy yes she did, and I told her to stop and she said that word to me AGAIN!

Me: Okay, both of you stop! Eat your dinner and STOP talking!

Jada: But momma Jason said the D word!

(Now I know a couple of words that start with D and my son has been known to throw out a bad word so I made the mistake of asking….)

Me: Jada what is the D word!

Jada: I don’t want to say it because it is bad, and I don’t want to get in trouble!

Me: If I ask you to tell me something than you are not going to get in trouble….. what is the D word!

Jada: Well….

Jason: I did say that word! But Jada is being a tattletale and that’s wrong!

Me: Jason be quiet….

Jason: I don’t want to get in trouble!

Jada: He said DUH!


Jada: Duh is the D word and he….

Me: Please stop talking right now! Duh is not a bad word, TF is not even a word! Both of you stop talking RIGHT NOW! You both are driving me crazy!

(not even 30 seconds go by)

Jason: Jada being a tattletale is wrong even if I say a bad word!

(I can’t make this stuff up people….it would be too hard!)



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